Sunday, 19 October 2014

October Field Trip

In October, seven of our members went on a small field trip to the remains of John Jamison’s house in Glenmore Park.  We met outside at 11am and proceeded into the site,  which is now National Park Land.
There is a notice board as you enter the land explaining the area, and has a photo of a drawing of the very impressive house as it was in its heyday.

We had a plan of the area (supplied by Ros) showing the various locations of the house and outbuildings, including the stables, coach house and the billiards room. This made negotiating  and understanding the area much easier.

There is not much remaining of the buildings except some stone walls from the house. The above wall shows what appears to be the floor level in the house.
Even though there is not  a lot left, there are still sandstone blocks  and bricks scattered in locations on the site where they were originally used.

 Also there was a brown snake, which quickly became bored and disappeared into the bush.

After leaving the site we went to the John Jamison’s Catholic Cemetery, in a different area of Glenmore Park.


A lot of the headstones had been pushed over and broken, but were still readable.  Most  of the graves were the workers and their families, who worked for the Jamison's. 

It was an interesting and informative day for those of us who had been or had not been to either location before.



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