Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Hawkesbury Dig

We have recently been on a dig in the Hawkesbury area, and uncovered a previously unknown paved brick area. Covering the bricks was a layer of what looked like road base, on top of this were a lot of off cuts and scraps of leather that we think came from a leather cutting factory that was situated nearby in the 1800’s. Over this was yellow bush sand that had over the years packed down very hard. The bricks had at one stage been used as an access into the property for vehicles as there were definite ruts on either side of a hump in the middle of the brickwork.

The paving went right up to an old brick wall that had been built on brick footings, you could just see the top of these footings. We had no idea of how far the footings went down or how wide they were. This will be for a later dig.

It was a very successful day and we are all looking forward to when we can return for more investigations.

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